Alexandra Roman

Love goes upwards not around

Alexandra Roman
Love goes upwards not around
Dress: &Other Stories    , Necklace: Tiffany & Co
 Photographer: Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion 
Location: "Atelier Anda Roman", Design Concept Store 

I have longed for someone next to me 


time likes to stretch 

so I go without time 

but she catches me down the street 

so I sit down with her 

and she hovers over me with extraordinary tenderness 

and we share stories about love and family and unspoken stories



I ask her questions 

much like that I let my thoughts pour out 

like when you start liking someone and you can’t stop talking about them 

and you wake up several times at night 

with probably a lot of emotions 

and smiling eyes 

and you’re breathless 

and you see them the next day 

and your words are freshly baked 

“Oh hello there, I didn’t see you….”

but you clearly did 

and there’s earl grey smoke between you 

and they take your hand under the table 

and your feet start melting like butter

and it’s those moments perhaps 

that you get carried away

but you get that strange gut feeling

like butterflies buzzing 

and you just can’t help it 

cause it’s a new feeling 

like when you get a new book and you just can’t help but flip the first few pages 

but ….


you realize you’re in different books

different stories

different chapters 

and they want different things 

and they’re scared 

and all of a sudden you get cold 

and they just disappear 

and you’re left 734 things to write about 

and you need to tell the story to learn the lesson 



with my hand on my chin 

I browse what it means 

to be with someone

and all my stories dissolve 


I don’t know


I look around and I get confused 

cause I see all these couples 


aren’t really couples

and I see all these cracks 




they say they love each other 

or one loves the other

but they fuck other people

and each other

and there’s always one person that gets 

fucked over because they’re not afraid to love more


the other doesn’t see it

or doesn’t wanna see it

cause they’re so caught up in their own story 



let me tell you

love goes upwards not around


with one long breath under knitted woolen clouds

please be gentle.