I think in images

Skirt: Zara , Blouse: Zara, Necklace: Shourouk, Shoes: Fratelli Rossetti

Editorial Photos: Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion

Location: "Atelier Anda Roman", Design Concept Store

Alexandra Roman

I think in images 

it’s therapeutic 

because sometimes I don’t know my own story 


I need to find it, discover it, unlock it 

but I’m distracted so much

so much of the time

I go in circles, loop after loop, changes after changes


Sometimes I break my loop and start a new one

and then

I’m lost, I feel lost 


I promised I’d never do it again 


I do

I did  


like for example

If you shoot for the wrong person

more than one time 

or maybe it’s not even the same person

but same problem

Baby I can’t do this anymore sorry

but it’s too late and then…

it hits you, you’re not “anyone else’s”

you’re just your own 

and that’s damn right frightening 

cause you’re alone

and who the fuck wants to be alone

so you keep going back and back and back 

and I want to wake up 


I can’t


I get so frustrated 

frustrated that I can’t get the words out of me

that I can’t say what I want 

and I play along 

cause that’s what it feels like

a game 

cause they come at you with gentle strokes and not too much thought and obscurities 

and I haven’t learned to keep track of my feelings 


for. the. sake. of. honesty — I see through their crumbly lies 

yet it’s liberating

every time

cause for a split second 

right there right then

you feel your heart beating just a little bit faster 

like those days when you get up just a little bit early so you can soak in the morning sun

but then freshly squeezed rain comes pouring down 

and you have to go back inside 




I go backwards

backwards in my thoughts 

to trace the why the why do I do this? 

and then it suddenly becomes clear 

as if I’d just drawn myself for the very first time


I have my answer 

or part of it 

so I write and write and write and write

for me 

so I take photographs over photographs 

for me

because Dear Me,

you’re fine, I promise you

more than fine


With a tap on the heart 

I dare feel that 

and that takes me back to the beginning


there’s always gonna be a new pen

and a new paper

and a new story 

and everything will fall into place



With a softer milkier sky 

I let go of thought

cause thought fucks things up 

and it bleaches you to perfection 

so i f.e.e.l

blooming and spilling feelings 

and please

be gentle.


-With love,

Alexandra Roman