Alexandra Roman

love and today

Alexandra Roman
love and today

For me

it was in those little Portuguese custard tarts I had when I woke up, brushed with a little bit of Raspberry jam,

or in my freshly brewed Cardamom coffee with two cubes of brown sugar,

or maybe in the sun knitting layer upon layer of darker skin onto my body until the inside of my thighs burned a little, 

perhaps in my open window letting in the sea’s fresh salty breath,

or the burnt sand with all its brittle decorations,

the wind waving in her long hair, the hair of my lovely Antonia


love has been in my photographs, my writing, in my favorite scent of Moroccan mint, in long hours that stretch like lazy cats and you feel like you have all the time in the world,

in my midnight summer strolls and my books,


has been there all along

and with that 

i go to the beach and just 

s  m  i   l   e 

because I’ve fallen in love with today 




be gentle,

     with love,