Let's talk about sex

Let's talk about sex

Swimming suit & earrings: H&M

Location: One hill south

Photo Collage: Alexandra Roman 

Love is just a system for getting someone to call you darling after sex

Tell me about yourself -

Your struggles,

Your dreams

Your telephone number!

"You must sit down love, and taste my meat"

so I did sit and eat 

Swimming through all the bullshit ...

Hello humans

Let’s talk about sex

or relationships 

whichever you’d like 


We have a problem. 


What’s up with our dating culture? 

I’m sorry 

I meant hookup culture

I’m sorry 

I meant on-the-fence-culture-let’s-only-scratch-the-surface-with-each-other-culture 



I’m sure there are some humans out there

in nice, healthy, loving relationships 

Thank God, there is still hope 

but …

the rest of us humans

not so much. 



Ok, let’s break this down: 


They start talking to you

courting you even 

messaging you everyday 

some pretend to get to know you

others ha, let’s not even go there 

some make you do their homework 

some use you for sex

some use you as their mom 2.0 

or maybe a therapist 

scratch that


I’m sure some of us have been a mini therapist on campus to those we liked 

where they’ve asked you to put them to bed, sing them a lullaby even, massage them, go over every night at their convenience, never yours

pay for their food, tell them stories 

but none about you of course 

that would make you too human of course 


then there are others that say they're in a relationship 

but see other people 

or flirt with other people 

then completely deny it 

then there are those that act like they are in a relationship

yet desperately deny that they are 


"baby I'm just not ready"


some say they're ready for marriage one day

but break up the next 

then makeup the next


others that kiss you every night

then ignore your messages for weeks at a time

and ignore you when you walk by

cause a simple hello 

seems to be overrated 



 we’ve all been desperate to find love and purposefully became blind to the fact that the person next to us just wasn't right for us 

yet I’m sure they were right for others 



We’ve all met those who are shit scared of the word relationship 

because we are all scared of it

terrified even 


we name it something else 


“We’re just having fun”

“let’s Netflix &chill”

“let’s be fuck-buddies”

“wanna have a thing? let’s have a thing” 

and the paradox of it all 

is that they act like they’re committed 

like they like you

like they’re in a relationship 

like taking you out to coffee, studying together, watching movies together, eating together 


to actually n-a-m-e it one though 

nope can’t do 



because that word inspires commitment and truth 

and you can’t have commitment and truth without looking at yourself first 

and that shit is hard 

because who wants to rip the bandaid off and see what’s really going on inside? 


some choose to run away

some choose to shut you out 

but then there is US

who are not afraid anymore 

are you one of us? 


with love,