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Is Change Possible?

Alexandra Roman32 Comments
Is Change Possible?



i invite you to say out loud 

to yourself 

or to others 

a crossing thought 

any thought 


nOW, what emotions did you feel while having that thought? 

Was it anger? Happiness? Inspirational perhaps? 

Did you get horny? 


Was it something like

“Im not good enough”

“I’m not worth much”

“I’m not that special”

“I have issues” 


or perhaps something like

“I love you” 


What do you think about when the lights go out?


Now these thoughts

in fact these words 

have more power than you could possibly imagine 

because our thoughts are ultimately linked to emotions

and emotions

are nothing more than mere nervous circuits releasing chemicals through our bodies 

but yet 


you’re addicted to your emotions and you don’t even know it 

You’re addicted to putting yourself down

You’re addicted to your past - your memories 

“Oh back then I had it good”

“Oh what if I would have done that or this instead” 

“I shouldn’t have done that”

“I shouldn’t have had sex and gotten so drunk”

You get the gist 

you’re lost

you’re stressed 

and not to mention

stressed about the puniest and most trivial things ever 

you overthink

you panic even more

you’re just not present 

you’re not “here”

maybe you go on instagram 

then get sad that 

“wow she’s hot. I wish I had her body”

“Damn, I want that many followers” 



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Can you control your mind or does your mind control you?

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you are placebo


do you trust yourself or are you at war with yourself?


Am i not my emotions?

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because many of us are not intelligent yet. 

many are not woke. 




What does it mean to be intelligent? 

You might argue that there is a difference between being “smart” versus being “intelligent” 

however is that truly the case? 

fuck that

is that the right question? 



Have you heard of the phrase “emotional intelligence”? 

What does that mean? 

Perhaps you’ll say emotional intelligence is about not falling prey to your emotions 


not being a train wreck (yolo) 


let me be the devil’s advocate 

and tell you 

that’s not the case 


The paradox of our reality matrix is as follows:

The “cosmic you” or simply put, your consciousness 

is the nucleus of your reality 

everything else

anything that is matter 

(that includes your brain) 

is and are simply quantic probabilities



what does that mean? 

Well, emotions are nothing more other than nervous circuits that release certain chemicals that out body then becomes addicted to

which means you 

and your brain, are two separate things 


you, your consciousness, the cosmic you 

and emotions

are two separate things 


From a neurological perspective 

you become the things that you think about in a repeated pattern and the object of your attention 


for example

if you hate/ dislike someone

and repeatedly talk trash 

that becomes the object of your attention 

and you (your body not your consciousness) become biologically addicted to the chemicals released in your brain of feeling small, unworthy maybe betrayed

because that’s the root of hatred 

all within the subconscious however (because who would want to feel that willingly)

because the act of putting someone down is done so in an effort to feel “big”


if you do feel “big” 

emphasis on “feel”

then why put in the effort for that action?



you become addicted to feeling "big" 


The link between this cosmic you 

and your brain 

the part of you that resides within this dimension and reality matrix

is located within the frontal lobe of our brain 

which was the last to properly evolve 

that’s the area that’s in charge of seeing your future

having dreams

controlling your behavior 


and here is where I dare say 

and contradict many 

that yes 


humans are capable of change 

in fact, us humans, poses this unique advanced biotechnology of being able to change ourselves constantly 

(Nietzsche and Dispenza agree)

and your frontal lobe is exactly the place that is able to do it 


If we look at the cinematic scene

movies such as “Split”

present this concept

in a subtle manner 


Our main character had a rare multi personality disorder 

Dissociative identity disorder

yet by the end of it 

he/they manages to evolve — to physically change his body 

but the interesting aspect is that his original personality 

the one before the trauma 

wouldn’t have been able to conduct the physical change 

only his two aggressive and ultimately “strong” personalities did  


A key line in “Split” was 

“You’re not worthy of life if you haven’t suffered” 

hence the protagonist’s obsession with those who haven’t suffered 

now besides the link with the character’s own trauma/ suffering 

the deeper layer to this line has to do with what animates us

which brings me back to my first point 

what are you reoccurring thoughts? where does your mind usually go? what’s your usual emotional state? are you usually calm and happy? or stressed, numbed and sad? Or do you just feel nothing? 


Sadly enough 

most of you will resonate 

whether consciously or subconsciously, with the latter two options

because it’s easier and more comforting to draw “power” from suffering, from being low 

because that’s the fuel our society gives us 

we’re surrounded by media/ news outlets that solely focus on negative news 

we’re surrounded by people who overwork themselves and are ultimately always stressed

we’re surrounded by people who no longer live in this dimension but in the virtual one

we’re surrounded by horror/ thriller/ explicit movies and photos 

that’s what we’re used too 

and if you think that doesn’t affect you 

then think again and wake up 

because staying calm and maintaining a constant happy mood as to draw power from it

is hard 

because we’re not used to that 

so why tf are we so used to feeling like shit and seeing shit? 

why do we normalize that? 

why not be used to feeling good? 


change is possible 

start drawing power from your ups not your downs 

find a balance between the two 

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