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Send nudes

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Send nudes

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“Send Nudes”


oh honey take a hike


“But maybe I will, to make him beg for it” 

“Maybe i’ll send a shirtless photo, so they see what they’re missing” 


Do nudes and sex empower you? 


“Nudity empowers me” 


I’ve believed that for quite a while 

especially within the nouveau age 

with a new wave of feminists

who some

choose to utilize their bodies 

as a weapon and a form of speech 


then there are artists who use their bodies to express pain and exposure and helplessness


within the cinematic field 

we have the 

#femmeFatale, synonymous with apparent power 

eyes boggling for #MagicMike 



yeah, you could say nudity is power 

or at least so it seems 




then we have the micro influencers of Instagram 

young women 

and men

who choose to advertise their bodies 

who choose to sexualize and objectify themselves on social media

some more obvious than others 

#KylieJenner, #AlexisRen 


and true, maybe they don’t outwardly state 

“oh hey, I think this is an embodiment of strength”

many simply do so for the monetary gain or attention 

because yes



 Capitoline Venus #gifbyMe

Capitoline Venus #gifbyMe

 Sandro Botticelli's Venus, "The Birth of Venus"  #Taken fRom

Sandro Botticelli's Venus, "The Birth of Venus"  #Taken fRom

 Titian, "Venus of Urbino", #GifbyMe

Titian, "Venus of Urbino", #GifbyMe

 Capitoline Venus, #GifByMe

Capitoline Venus, #GifByMe

Attachment-1 (12).gif

the list drips over to less known figures as well 

think of the day to day girls who you follow on instagram or facebook 


are they also empowering themselves? 

or are they simply trying to fill an absence with a presence


I honestly can’t tell

because I’ve been dabbling with the same question for a long time now as well



Let’s go back to where it all started  


Ever since the Italian Renaissance 

works of art have received the story that art historians saw fit 


was that their truth? 

They were given western culture’s high histories 

yet the truth about human nature was not 



Up until 120 BCE

women were portrayed fully clothed 

whereas men, were fully nude

in fact

the male nude was the most desirable ideal 


Praxiteles’, “Hermes with the Infant Dionysus” 

shows just that

Hermes’ penis is presented in a direct manner

similar to how an elbow would be,

it encompasses an aggressive air 

that Foucault and Dover capture as well  

when discussing Greek sexual relations 


“a relationship between a superior and a subordinate, one who dominates and one who is dominated, one who vanquishes and one who is vanquished” 


Being nude

became something brazen 

but what about being naked


Praxiteles’ “Kinidian Aphrodite” 

is the condition of being naked

she is a self-conscious nakedness 

The Knidia was the starting point of the female bare body 

the act of covering her pubes 

created a new breed of nudes

where vulnerability and subtleness were more powerful as opposed to the male’s straightforward, explicit nudes

The Knidia put women in a perpetual state of vulnerability 

which paradoxically 

became a strength 


The “Capitoline Venus” 

followed the same example

of covering her intimate parts

and gained the name

“Venus Pudica”

shameful or modest 

which defined female sexuality 

as something graceful 

and the opposite of the male aggressive nature


The female naked portrayal was powerful

or empowering 

in her provocative overt sexual vulnerability 

covering her intimate parts within an abstract way 

lacking any explicative gesture or facial expression 

these figures exhibited neither pride 

nor shame 


A woman more naked than nude

coded as something fetishized

 and was reduced to her sexuality 


Fast forward to contemporary times 

how does this apply? 


intent defines your action 

intent defines who you are 


it’s not the action of being unclothed

it’s the intent behind one doing so


are you explicit? or are you modest? 

does your image transmit something along the lines of 


“fuck me now i’m waiting” 


instead of acknowledging an absence within yourself

you choose to fill it 

instead of acknowledging your lack of self-love 

you look for the external love and validation 

do you look to make a business on social media out of your body? 

because that’s what the public wants? 

do you choose to trick yourself into thinking that over-sexualizing yourself equals power and love?

do you choose to believe your false cognitive desires?



do your photos


the way you present yourself

do they

 lack explicitness 

does your face convey something deeper other than sex(y)(ness)

are you vulnerable? 

do you exhibit depth?

what are you trying to say with your body? 


the true question is 

are you truly comfortable within your vulnerability 

and promote your body, its delicateness and its beauty for what it is



do you promote it and present it for it’s sexual potency 

do you choose to mask your vulnerability with sexuality 

and mistake it 

for empowerment? 


are you naked


are you nude? 

Further Reading

1.”The Venus Pudica”, Nanette Salomon

2. “The History of Sexuality, Vol 2: The Use of Pleasure”, Michel Foucault

3. “Greek Homosexuality”, K.J. Dover

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