Turn on the Li(e)ghts

Turn on the Li(e)ghts

Location: Bangkok

Hotel: The Siam Hotel

Photography & Styling: Anda Roman

~Thoughts from the 2nd of January ~ 

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If you open any magazine targeting a female audience, you will inevitably and undeniably run into meaningless, derogatory and insignificant queries:

“Does he really love you?”  

Does it fucking matter? 

Your heart’s losing inches fast 

'nd all you’re doing is waiting for the next love forecast 

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Cosmo’s got 12.98 million readers only in the US recorded in 2017 


you’ve got at least 7 million views per women’s magazines, all of which are programmed to ask for the answers to life’s greatest mysteries: is he loyal? what if he’ll leave? why is he talking to his ex? how can i seduce him? what’s a good sex position?



at least 7 million people concentrating on the same thoroughly meaningless issues 

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all i gotta ask is do we really have nothing better to think about? Questions such as 

“What can I do to improve myself and my well being?”

“What are my goals and intentions for the next 48 hours?” 


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Young women are being subconsciously manipulated worldwide into a perverse submissive pattern. We’re either constantly dwelling and measuring our partner’s love and affection, which is a mere projection of our own insecurities and childhood traumas, or we willingly put ourselves down by constant apologies or self-blaming. For anyone who is willing to look and see, there is a subtle culture of women who overly apologize. Where does it come from? You’re afraid of confrontation; we’ve become non-confrontational creatures. 

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We’re scared to confront our partner about things that bother us in the fear that we’d be accused of being 





“stop overreacting”

when really, it should be a “take it or leave it” type of situation. 

but then, abandonment issues & daddy issues come into play, but let me just say 

only with honesty can you have authentic relationships of any kind. 

so don’t compromise yourself 

and confront those around you 

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then we see other women who trigger us or “annoy” us or that don’t “inspire” us 

and we shower them in honey like words 

“wow you’re so pretty! Let’s catch up” 

and we become fake on the basis of not confronting other women with how we truly feel. 

Stop being non-confrontational and stand up for honesty 


Because Dear Current You,

“You can join the millions talking in the dark.

Or you can stand up and scream light, out into the night” 

-Iain S. Thomas