Dress: Lanvin 

Photos: Felicia Simion

Styling: Alexandra Roman

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When I was stretched under you, under the curling of your voice

through foreign stars  


skin onto my body 

until the inside of my thighs burned a little 


words spinning bet w  e   e  n 




carrying thoughts, so intertwined, so many, you couldn’t hear any, like those white starry nights 


soaked in whispers in that alcohol infused kinda way

where the whispers are so loud everyone can hear  




I think I lost myself (?) 




My sense of self, polished with wax. 


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I bathed my neck with perfume; the one with Bulgarian rose, Sri-Lankan sandalwood and

Madagascan vanilla; a tad of fake tan so I wouldn’t look so pale, a nice pair of underwear

draped in bright burnt colors (maybe matte ocher or pale pink raspberry) where a glimpse of

its lace would show through my white blouse. I think I looked sexy. Not vulgar

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I made sure not to slice my words too         



I let out only freshly brewed sensations of a


caramelized happiness. 


i reached out to grab your hand and gave you a heartfelt hello because fuck i knew, i knew you’d fall silent and sit still and let the silence strike me too 


           cause yes I knew the damn distance and

             the damn ocean would turn to          s a n d  


cutting deeper through our signature scents 



dar eu inca te iubeam si inca speram si inca imi incordam pulpele carnoase la atingerea ta


but baby you let your tears fall down 


   at the touch of my             h e l l o 



              so I gave you my goodbye 



a stretched out goodbye like a lazy cat on a Sunday afternoon 

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When I wrote this poem, the poem above

I had this shaking anxiety, these feelings that were so hard to reach, 

This is how I've lived, mumbling things 1,2,3 under my breath 


But you can make the world beautiful 

if you don't lie to it 

if you don't lie 

don't lie




and on this morning I feel at ease 

because i'm finding more of myself the more

 s i n c e r e  I am

and I encourage you too  

don't lie 



your ego and your soul can love each other 

don't lie 

don't hide

don't hold it in 

don't let false emotions, false fears, false illusions 

eat you alive and skin you alive

don't let circumstances consume you

and maybe honesty won't always get you what you want 

hell honesty hasn't gotten me what i've wanted 

and people may leave because ur truth is heavy 

or they may stay because your truth matches theirs 

or they may come back cause your pasts are too intertwined 

but what is meant to be will be 

and "the truth will set you free" 



the hardest people were once the softest 

the most closed off people were once the most open and trusting 

the most cruel were once the most loving

this is the tragedy of our existence



your scars are like stars


it wouldn't be the first time someone crawled out of hell

and made it alive



This is how i love


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Unsa in emotie topita 

ma imbat cu iluzii false si sunt jefuita de sinceritate, 

imi las sufletul afara 

incat carnea lui sa arda cat soarele isi coase razele in el,

si ma doare, simt cum tremur,

aievea imi simt sufletul si capul greu de ganduri

si vad numai cenusa si e aspra si simt noaptea pe umeri

si ma plimb pe drumul mintii cat impletesc lacrimi de pe un obraz si de pe altul

si ma apasa mustrarea ca

e greu sa imi las sufletul afara 



lasa-ti lumea vazuta 

e crima perfecta sa te ascunzi 



inima se imbolnavaeste 

daca o tii in intuneric 



fara lupta

acum ma las vazuta