Alexandra RomanComment

The New Era

Alexandra RomanComment
The New Era

Photography: Lameya Aamir

Editing & Styling & Makeup : Alexandra Roman

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You are a social media mogul 

or at least 

have the potential to become one 

whether by

buying your way there 💸

or simply by knowing the right #hashtags and high traffic hours 


you can do it organically 

and let your content, your voice speak for itself 


Having been raised in the new era 

the digital & virtual era

the facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter & co era 

the micro/macro influencers era 

our understandings of how connections and interactions work 

have fluctuated significantly 

and that’s the biggest paradox of them all 

in a time where “connecting” is our prime focus 

disconnection seems to have taken the lead 

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What does this mean for our generation? 


I argue emotional numbness.


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Our generation is facing the danger of a universal soul anesthesia 


Virtual reality is by definition an alternate to our own reality

and it is one that we actively connect too

and that pushes us to leave behind what is truly tangible 

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I can’t begin to count the amount of times I’ve been to dinners and

dates, and hangouts and parties 

you name it 

and someone chose to check out of the “now” and engage in the new matrix

including myself 

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and that’s okay

but how can you truly connect with someone, truly touch someone and get to know them 

if you look at your phone every five minutes while in their company? 

How can you let someone else’s words and emotions reach you 

if you check the time, your e-mails, whatsapp messages 

if your phone beeps constantly 


These things automatically put up a barrier for you 

You can’t “live in the now” nor connect with someone 

while you’re plugged into another reality 




The scary thing is 

we’re changing and we don’t even realize it 

we’re drowning in this new environment 


we begin to rely on emojis 😉😊😍😈

and texts and snaps and stories and tweets and e-mails

to communicate raw emotions 

but can emotion be transported through a screen? 

❤️      💔




we avoid hard conversations

we put up emotional barriers 

we distance ourselves from emotionally triggering people or situations 

 🙊 we hide 🙈

and our best hiding place is in this exact new matrix 

because this new world doesn’t need emotion and authenticity to function

it just needs you to engage compulsively 

because the risk is 

it can pull you in deep and rip you apart 




just as a knife possesses the polar options of being used to save lives (surgeon) versus take lives (murder) 

social media maintains the same options:

you can either let yourself be beguiled by her charms 👄

 and spend hours and hours in her matrix

to the point that she consumes you of any authenticity or emotional intelligence and availability 



you use her wisely and with caution

              you don’t use her to merely satisfy your ego 

but you use her to echo your heart’s deepest thoughts and emotions 




we have free will

so it is your choice 

rule or be ruled? 

use or be used? 





Ce alegi? 

Sa fii prins in minciuni pixelate 

si indisponibilitati emotionale,

sau te lasi imbratisat de la tample pana la glezne

de o ploaie de emotii?


exista si varianta mai sanatoasa a echilibrului.