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F R A N C E S  


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A L E X A N D R A  R O M A N 


Responsibility is one of those really big words that has a lot of meanings. I think we all carry different many responses towards many things, and each of those take a different meaning. The type of responsibility that’s mattered the most to me recently is responsibility to yourself. You owe it to yourself to do a number of things: eat well, get sleep, see people you love. You also owe yourself things that aren’t as pleasurable: doing your homework on time, getting exercise, and confronting things that you don’t necessarily want to but have to. This is one of the most tricky types of responsibility because it’s easy to cast aside or disregard.


Of course, I think it would be a little self-maturbatory to say “oh yeah I’m a responsible person”. Naturally, everyone (whether or not they consider themselves to be generally responsible) will encounter situations where they are able to be responsible and situations where they will fail to rise to the occasion. 


I don’t think I have a strongest judgement; if I do, this question can’t be answered easily. A judgement that I have found has generally the highest success rate is the people I would like to surround myself with, but not much can be said about that judgement because it is completely personal, and does not follow certain criteria. I generally know when I know. 

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I think relationships are meant to be opportunities for learning and growth, just like many other fundamental occurrences of the human experience. Ultimately, it is not for me to determine what purpose someone else’s relationship should serve.


sipping whiskey and smokin’ ___nt_s.


That, and if you’re looking for a more substantial answer, my passion is learning, growing, pushing myself and my limits.

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I believe in what ever works for other people. If monogamy works for you, shit, go for it. If it doesn’t, fuck it, the life of the monogamous is not your problem. I don’t think of monogamy as a moralized lifestyle that must be strictly adhered to, I think it’s a choice whose importance is grossly overhyped. 

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Feeling “accepted” has lessened in value for me over the past two or three years. In my utopian society, it is much more important that everyone around me is accepting of themselves rather than they are of me. It’s often much more difficult for an individual to fully love and appreciate (and be okay with instances where they do not love) themselves than it is for an individual to accept another person. Furthermore, I think when people have achieved a level of self-love and awareness that we could define as self acceptance, their harmony with themselves will surely be reflected onto others, as well.

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