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Hannah Rasmussen

Alexandra Roman1 Comment
Hannah Rasmussen

Photography By: Alexandra Roman 

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I care about people. It’s what drives everything I do. I chose to study politics because it seemed like the most practical way I could help effect change for the people and causes I care about. Understanding a system that governs, regulates, oppresses, and protects its citizens is the first step in making changes within it.


 No, the current political climate of the united states deeply troubles me. I’m scared for the future of my country and what that means for the rest of the world. I’m also hopeful.  


At least within my life, body image is something that has incredible power. A positive body image and self-acceptance can contribute to confidence, risk-taking, genuine self-love, and wellness. I’m far more motivate to take care of my mind body and soul when I see myself in a positive light. Personally, poor body image has left me with more mental scars than anything, but I find that once you start to embrace and love yourself for who you are today body image means a whole lot less.


   Beauty today is in a word: dysfunctional. The standards within the beauty industry have so many destructive tendencies because beauty is incredibly subjective. Western features are glorified, size shaming in many ways is pervasive, every piece of you can be criticized, however beauty today can also be summed up in another word: Diverse. This is the definition of beauty I subscribe to.

  Having said that, I am a beautiful soul, but how I feel about my face, body, expression, skills, limitations, etc. varies by the day if I’m being as candid as possible.

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"The artistic choice to present her interview within two photographic segments was intentional. 

Black & White symbolizes her raw form. They're photographs that are meant to be intimate. 

Color Photography alludes to her external perception."


I’ve spent a lot of time in my life wanting brand name items. Those are things I worked hard to attain so I often associate the two things. I also think that brands are a form of communication. People use brands, styles, and aesthetics to convey who they are. Whether that’s a positive thing or just a side-effect of capitalism is a whole other interview.

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     Lately, my mind wanders towards my worries when it’s not otherwise occupied. My mom always told me growing up that I was 6 going on 60 and I think that personality has stayed with me.

    Happiness is something I strive for every day, it’s not a constant state of being for me but a daily accomplishment. I’ve learned to stop being disappointed in life and myself when it’s just not attainable on a certain day.

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