[Photography & Editing By Alexandra Roman]

MEET LAMEYA AAMIR:20 yr old from pakistan

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Insensitive people really bother me. Since a good sense of community is really important to me, unkind or disrespectful people are a huge dislike of mine. Another thing that has truly annoyed me and that I have become much more aware of as I came to the US is the hookup culture. I have seen most people lose certain aspects of their sensitivity, and even humanity, as they become more and more incorporated into this hookup culture. I have no judgement in regards to anybody’s choice of sexual exploration but rather the overall culture that has become imbued in society that has blinded many people to the way their interactions are affecting other people. Despite trying my best not to point fingers, I can’t help but say that people trying to adhere to certain rules of the “bro culture” are some of the biggest propagators of this agenda on college campuses. For instance, I once nicely rejected someone when he made a sexual advance at me at a party and he started becoming really disrespectful and aggressive towards me after that instance. He even told me that he felt like punching me just because I was someone who outrightly told him that I didn't want to take part in this hookup culture. (BOY BYE) Having said all of this, my biggest trigger has always been and will always be disloyalty, and I am not referring to that in just a sexual or romantic context. Hypocrisy in friendships, cheating amongst partners and lies told to people you claim to care about all lead me to ask the same question. Why be with them and hurt them if you do not truly care about them or not ready for an actual commitment?

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what is it like being an international student from pakistan in the us?


Being an international student in Oberlin and in the US are very interesting but highly different dynamics. Despite, the fact that Oberlin is a particularly safe space which is sensitive to the differences in culture and identity amongst its community members, studying as a brown woman in the US is not a very easy task. People often assume that I have been very oppressed or that I am a great rebel, and perhaps to an extent both those things are true, but they are not the biggest parts of who I am and definitely do not define me. On a personal level, I often feel like being an international student has always made me stand out from the crowd. From little things like terminology I have never used or even heard of, to the completely different setup of lifestyle and society, I often feel like I can’t relate to the rest of the community here. Furthermore, the recent political state of the country has created a big deal of unease and often makes me feel slightly unsafe in my surroundings regardless of where I am in the country.





There are many things that make me happy. Art is definitely a big one. I am happiest when I just bring out my paints in my room and start working, or go out with my camera and take pictures of anything and everything. Poetry, books and movies are also some of my biggest addictions. Life itself makes me very happy. I love helping people in any way that I can, which is why I decided to become a surgeon. Science highly fascinates me which is also another reason for my pursuit of a career in medicine. I recently got back into riding and got reunited with something I have always really loved. And last but not least, being around dogs gives me great joy which I am sure lots of people can relate with.

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"My Body"


[Below is an excerpt of her project]

I really like to explore the concept of bodies and all that they represent in my art. Our society has often associated certain bodies with certain roles or physical attributes. I am using this project to experiment with the idea of “soft” and “natural” things juxtaposed with the “stronger” male body, according to society’s pre-held opinions. The photos are meant to highlight different parts of the body while drawing attention to them under a specific aesthetic using the objects in the photos. The aesthetic used here was inspired by the story of Adam and Eve prevalent in Abrahamic religions and is a play on both of their characters.