AND Inside Australia

Photography & Edited by ¬©Alexandra Roman 

How do you know

you know someone? 

I mean actually know


the depths of their soul, their fears, their insecurities, their passions, their triggers ...

and don't get me wrong, I know, not many will hand them on a silver platter 

oh honey I know

but I wonder

do you, you whose reading this 

do you take time to really know

to really try 

to really understand the ones in your life?


I bet you don't

not really 

not a 100%

am i cynic?

no no honey no

let me put it this way

when your friend

your partner, brother, mother 

when they piss you off or upset the fuck outta you 

like when they lash out, or cut you off or make hurtful jokes

do you stay

like actually stay 

and think about why ... "oh WHY does it upset me so much?"

I don't think you do

You probably just ask 

"why tf did they do that?!"

and then prob think they're just assholes 


but if you'd know them

really know them

maybe you'd remember that your friend had issues and traumas with abandonment so them being cold now and cutting you off is just a subconscious response or mere association with that 

or maybe you'd remember your partner had issues or traumas with trust and they're lashing out at the tinniest of your lies 

or maybe you'd know your brother had traumas or issues with commitment, so your jokes about relationships make him insecure and push him to make worse jokes about you   


if we all took the time 

to know the ones around us

to know their details not their shapes 

then hmm


the world would be a different place

and we'd all be 

different people 

the details of the heart are what make us