Just a Random Hookup But Not Really


Your body bent weirdly,
You were abnormally tall, abnormally awkward,
I didn’t know how to approach you , didn’t think about it really,
I noticed your hair, it was greasy.
Your shirt was too big for you ,
Your shorts were khakis
And your socks...why were your socks suffocating your calves up until your brittle knees?
You wanted to look cool, I get it,
Wanted to have that facade , that indestructible , indisputable facade,
You came to me,
I was in your house
I was sitting in a corner, probably the only germ-free corner of that house,
I wasn’t doing anything, I was being anti-social
I shut down, I malfunction
You saw that,
You came to me, and with a swift movement of your arm
You picked me up
Let me be your prince
That gave me goosebumps
Not the good kind,
The bad kind
You took me to my dorm’s basement,
You pressed yourself against me,
You licked my breasts
I had glitter on them,
You liked it, you thought it was kinky
I thought it was childish, playful even,
Your hand was dangling around,
Your tongue was making its way up,
My neck was covered in your saliva
Who said that was sexy?
You thought it was sexy, and oh how it turned you on
I want to have sex with you
I wasn’t ready
I hadn’t done it in like 10 months ,
I didn’t even know how to put on a condom,
How to put up a sexy front
How to plump my lips and breasts
How to caress you dick , how to lick it and hold it
what the fuck

Let me show you something,
You pushed me off,
I was relieved,
You pulled my hand,
You started singing,
No boy had ever sung to me,
You were vulnerable, you were open,
I wanted to be that too,
To be vulnerable,
To be open with you
How are you so beautiful, how are you even real
I was blushing
How could I not
I feel overwhelmed by you,
So did I, I was nervous,
But I felt it, not your dick, but myself,
I felt my intuition
I knew you I was going to like you
more than I had intended
You pushed me off again
You placed me on the floor
What if someone will walk in on us? I kept asking, insisting,
My skin was dripping off with anxiety,
You uncovered me to the bone,
Nice skirt, it would look much better on the floor
You ripped it off
It was a nice skirt
You’re my Romanian princess
Who even says that anymore,
I want to treat you right
You said exactly what I longed for,
I coiled up around you
You’re so dirty
I thought I was being playful,
You spread my legs apart ,
Pinned my hands together, laid them across the floor,
You thrusted yourself inside of me,
It hurt,
It’s normal, don’t worry about it
I wasn’t, it just hurt,
Your movements got robotic
It was sterile
You flipped me,
You wanted my ass,

You came.
I’ll text you tomorrow, you’re special,
My body was aching but your words
kept me together,
I couldn't sleep
idk why
did i betray myself for fucks sake
or did I actually like you
were you just my new young adult obsession
so I thought long and hard
and hours passed
and days passed
It’s 7:15 am still no message
2:00 pm still no message
7:00 pm no message
10:00 pm ....
how erotic it all was
how romantic
in my head
and anti climatic at the end